Uveneer and You!

Do you want to produce hands free composite veneers as beautiful as those created by the world’s best cosmetic dentists? … Are you looking to add a profitable service in addition to your dentistry? … What if you could create amazing composite veneers with predictable, reliable results?
 Any of these questions sound familiar?

If the answer is yes – then Uveneer is for you! Here are a few great ways that Uveneer can benefit you:


Uveneer is very easy to use! With a few simple step-by-step instructions and one or two test tries, you will be a-sing the veneer process in no time at all.

Use any preferred composed material and layering technique.

It doesn’t matter which one you go with. Uveneer has been designed to work with the composed material and layering techniques of your preference. AND – the results are consistent and predictable with regard to final tooth, shape, shine and smile design! Something that is otherwise, very difficult or almost impossible to accomplish.

Save time & increase productivity.

No more need to spend your valuable time trying to carve and polish teeth to perfection! Dentists, who are already using Uveneer, report that they are performing many more composite veneer procedures than before because the process is so easy, quick, predictable and affordable for their patients with high case acceptance.

Cost effective.

Everything sounds fantastic – but this has got to be an expensive venture to try. Well actually… it’s not! The Uveneer kit consists of 16 medium templates and 16 large templates all designed to be reused again and again, making it very cost efficient. By preparing just two composite veneers, you can pay for the entire kit.

So there you go…! An answer to all your questions and now you can rest assured, knowing that Uveneer was designed by a Dentist just like you who has dealt with the struggles and frustrations of composite veneers with no predictability on what the results will be.

Dr-Sigal-JacobsonUveneer is the invention of cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sigal Jacobson. Though only being launched since February of 2014, Dr. Jacobson ‘s patented design is already being touted as “groundbreaking” and “essential” by dentists worldwide. A native of Australia, Dr. Jacobson also runs her own practice Jacobson Dental Group of Melbourne. To learn more about what Uveneer can do for you and your patients, visit our FacebookTwitter, and YouTube pages!