Uveneer: What Do Other Dentists Think?

We finally have some statistics about the success of Uveneer!  The prestigious Catapult Group has brought to Uveneer the following report.  Catapult, according to their website:
“…brings unbiased, clinical information to dental professionals. We do this by working together with innovators and manufacturers in the field of dentistry to reviews, assess, and promote cutting-edge techniques and developments.”
Catapult used statistics from 22 dentists who evaluated and assessed Uveneer.  The report read as follows:


With 22 evaluators, based on the following information, the vast majority of our reviewers found the system to be extremely advantageous in the practices. With that said, 85% of the evaluators rated this as an “excellent” product.


From the report, the following were noted as extremely positive regarding the product:

  • 100% found the system easy to use based on a simple yes/no
  • 95% of the evaluators were pleased with the results
  • 90% said they saved time (between 25%-50% of the time)
  • 95% would use the system again
  • 60% agreed that there is a learning curve

Further advantages from the group included:

  • Finishing and polishing was noted to be easier
  • Great for those who are less artistic and want “custom shells” for easier placement
  • More conservative options for both the dentist and patient via direct dentistry


Check out more great testimonials about Uveneer like this one below on our website!


Dr. Sigal JacobsonUveneer is the invention of cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sigal Jacobson. Though only being launched since February of 2014, Dr. Jacobson’s patented design is already being touted as “groundbreaking” and “essential” by dentists worldwide. A native of Australia, Dr. Jacobson also runs her own practice Jacobson Dental Group of Melbourne. To learn more about what Uveneer can do for you and your patients, visit our FacebookTwitter, and YouTube pages!