How Technology Is Improving Your Dental Practice

With the recent release of yet another new and improved version of the iPhone, it’s worth noting that the dental industry is enjoying technological advances as well. The good news is that they continue to make life easier for dentists as well as for their patients.

The website DentalCompare routinely discusses emerging products and technology in the dental industry. Let’s take a look at some of the trends that have made headlines in 2014 and that DentalCompare believes we will likely be hearing more about in the future.

The Changing Role of Today’s Dentists

As technology has changed, so has the role of the dentist. Many years ago, a general dentist did everything that was needed in a practice, including lab work, root canals, extractions, and more. As specialists became more prominent, the pendulum swung to more specialized care. Today, however, more and more dentists are finding that it is necessary for them to have a complete understanding of most aspects of dentistry.

Today’s dentists don’t need to be experts at everything within their practices, but they should at least have a clear grasp. For instance, dentists don’t need to be experts at setting up a computer network but they are fully aware they will need to have digital x-rays within their offices. Dentists don’t need to physically do dental implants for their patients, but they do need to be able to speak intelligently about the best options for their patients and to refer their patients to a specialized expert when these skills are necessary.

It’s also critical for dentists to be open-minded about embracing new technology when it can potentially streamline work within their practices. Uveneer, for instance, is a tool for dentists that was just rolled out this year by Dr. Sigal Jacobson. It is a new technology that makes it easy for dentists to perfect, direct, composite veneers for their patients.

Digital Communication Between Practice and Patient

There is an art to effective appointment control for dentists, and since people are using online communications at increasing levels, services such as Sesame Communications or DemandForce are becoming more and more popular. These companies offer software that enables practices to send appointment confirmations to patients via email and text; patients can respond remotely, eliminating the need for a phone call.

These can also be used to improve internal marketing within the practice, including materials such as email newsletters and patient birthday greetings that can be sent without the extra cost of postage. You can also send patients surveys to complete after their visit, providing you and your staff with valuable feedback that can be used to improve patient care.


Some services enable patients to keep their own personal account online so they can see appointments, insurance details, copies of digital images, and so forth. Many of these services are integrated into the management software used by practices so patient communications is more seamless than ever.

Dr. Sigal JacobsonUveneer is the invention of cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sigal Jacobson. Though only being launched since February of 2014, Dr. Jacobson’s patented design is already being touted as “groundbreaking” and “essential” by dentists worldwide. A native of Australia, Dr. Jacobson also runs her own practice Jacobson Dental Group of Melbourne. To learn more about what Uveneer can do for you and your patients, visit our FacebookTwitter, and YouTube pages!