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Product Details

The Paladex system: The palatal index prefabricated matrices are designed to assist in creating the palatal side of the natural dentition with composite resin material. They are made from a soft translucent silicone-based material, which transfers any curing light through the matrix during the curing process. The silicone material allows for adaptation to the tooth by lightly pressing it against the palatal side. The composite will not stick to the Paladex matrix once cured, making it easy to remove.

Paladex matrix prevents creation of the oxygen inhibition layer (the ‘sticky layer’) during the curing process, leaving you with a hard, glossy, and anatomically correct surface composite restoration, which requires minimal adjustment or polishing.
The Paladex matrix consist of the following:

  • Maxillary anterior teeth from canine to canine in a small (orange) and large (blue) size
  • Large: central incisor, lateral incisor, canine
  • Small: central incisor, lateral incisor, canine
  • Sizes are made according to the smile design rules that fit majority of patients
    Individual refills are available for purchase
  • Metal handle

Indications for Use

To assist building the palatal side of teeth with composite resin in cases of:

  • Fractures, Class IV
  • Peg lateral
  • Diastema closure
  • Building the palatal side of temporary crown or composite bridge
  • (It is advised to finish the buccal side with the Uveneer kit.)

Instruction of Uses

  1. Select the Paladex matrix that corresponds with the tooth number you are restoring (the tooth number and size is embedded in each back side of the matrix.)
  2. Grasp the matrix with the curved locking tweezers that are included in the kit.
  3. Place the Paladex matrix on the palatal side of the tooth. Ideally, the matrix should cover the tooth from the mesial to distal. Press lightly to fit the tooth, and once the size is determined, put it aside.
  1. Etch and bond the tooth on the areas where the build-up composite is going to be restored.
  2. Apply a thin layer of composite onto the Paladex matrix surface in the areas that correspond with the missing area of the tooth. Do not cure yet. (We advise to use high fill flowable composite).
  3. Lightly press the Paladex matrix to fit the tooth from the palatal side.
  4. Tip: Before curing add a small amount of flowable composite to the Paladex from the buccal side to help secure the composite to the tooth.
  5. Light cure the composite through the Paladex from the palatal side and then from the buccal side for 20 seconds each side.
  6. Remove the Paladex matrix.
  7. It is typical to not further polish the composite surface, as the template will create an ideal gloss by blocking the oxygen inhibition layer.
  1. Continue building the anterior surface on the composite shell that is created. It is recommended to use the Uveneer to get the shape of the final tooth buccal surface.
  2. Adjust the periphery and the occlusion.




Paladex Instruction Manual

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Paladex Clinical Guide

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